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zaffle 07-10-04 04:19 AM

Dual Head + 3d acceleration
Hopefully this hasn't been asked before, if so, please point me to the right place.

I'm currently running an nvidia graphics card with a cheap pci as 2nd monitor and it works well, however...
I would like to get a dual head nvidia card and use that instead.
My question comes about because I noticed that a number of programs crash when I have the 2nd card active (I believe its because the card doesn't support 3d and the program is trying to display to it).

if I get a modern nvidia card with dual video outputs, will
a) I get 3d acceleration on both outputs?
b) 3d only on the 1st monitor, but 2d on the 2nd monitor?
c) Not at all if I use both outputs?

If this depends on what card I get, then can you point out to me what to look for to get 3d acceleration on both outputs? (aside from the obvious; its got two vga/dvi outputs).

This may seem like a silly or obvious question, but I'm not very active in the 3d realm these days, but I do like starting up armyops or just running opengl screensavers that will (hopefully) display on both monitors.


Kamel 07-10-04 04:58 AM

Re: Dual Head + 3d acceleration
if i'm not mistaken, you can have both heads work equally as far as their capability of displaying opengl apps etc. unfortunately, i do think that only one display can be used at a time with opengl unless special coding is put in to place... so the same opengl application devided into 2 screens might not happen; but it might.

i'm really not sure beyond that, as all of my dual monitor experience has been with 2 video cards (i hate using dual head/twinview).

sorry for the lack of details, i've only used twinview once or twice in my life, and really didn't like it during that time.

ricercar 07-11-04 03:42 PM

Re: Dual Head + 3d acceleration
There's nothing in NVIDIA hardware that prevents 3D with both heads in nView. Unfortunately I have dismal experience with Linux and OpenGL, so I cannot address driver issues.

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