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peeon 07-12-04 12:43 AM

nforce forum request
I think nvnews needs a nforce forum...cuz we are a nvidia fan site? nforce is a major component of nvidia revenue, so I say why not? It will organize the nforce problems better. Better than a MUYA Sport Forums idea? ;p

MUYA 07-12-04 12:46 AM

Re: nforce forum request
Nah Sports forum idea was based on a number of ppl asking for a sports forum ;) and not my idea entirely. It's just right now there is bugger all sports going on at the moment in the US or europe to have enough ppl contributing in it.

nForcershq.com is the best place for nforce related trouble shooting

jAkUp 07-12-04 01:22 AM

Re: nforce forum request
Well, we have a motherboard and cpu section... so I think all nforce questions should go in there... because, well, nforce is a motherboard :) If were gonna have an nforce board, why not a via, or sis board also?

I don't think it would be good to be a "pure" nvidia fansite, I would rather be the site that we are... an nvidia/hardware site.

I think we should have a pictures forum.. where we can post wallpapers that we made, or just lame pictures that we make when we are bored :D :D :D

netviper13 07-12-04 02:26 AM

Re: nforce forum request
There aren't enough nForce related questions to justify a separate forum. And that tends to be the case with motherboards, as you'll have a few major issues that create a lot of posts, and then the problem gets fixed and there are no more questions.

D.K.Tronics 07-12-04 11:27 AM

Re: nforce forum request
I want my retro forum ;)

DK's Retro Forum

Doesn't that sound good ? ;)

peeon 07-12-04 12:07 PM

Re: nforce forum request
The most volatile component of a pc is the motherboard? We need organize those "few" problems solved in another forum and not clutter up the motherboard. It is easier for future reference.

Sazar 07-12-04 12:20 PM

Re: nforce forum request
not all mobo's are based off the nforce chipset though thats the thing..

it doesn't make sense to have an nforce section when so many users use intel/via and sis chipsets (amongst others)... the majority in fact...

if you make an nforce forum section its only prudent to make a section for all the other chipsets...

alternatively as they have on the MSI boards you can start a naming convention... ie <[nforce problem] thread title > and so on... so forth..

Nutty 07-12-04 02:15 PM

Re: nforce forum request
I can see the point of an nforce forum, because this is nvnvews, not vianews, or sisnews.. but I dont think theres enough posts about nforce to warrant one..

I love my nforce2 btw.. :)

UDawg 07-12-04 02:47 PM

Re: nforce forum request
How about "UDawg's SHUT YOUR CAKE-HOLE Forum"?

vampireuk 07-12-04 02:51 PM

Re: nforce forum request
I thought that was the political forum :D

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