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UDawg 07-13-04 12:58 AM

MUYA is a n00b
Hey! learn how to post! You left a double post on the front page. AHAHAHAHA!!!!1 DORK!

Of course you will prolly fix the DOUBLE POST before anyone says anything but that is what I am here for. TO POINT IT OUT! :D

MUYA 07-13-04 01:04 AM

Re: MUYA is a n00b

jAkUp 07-13-04 01:05 AM

Re: MUYA is a n00b
Hurry take a printscreen!!!! :D

ragejg 07-13-04 01:07 AM

Re: MUYA is a n00b
Look, Uddawggie, I don't know if you know this or not, but all us staff members can EASILY come together to form VOLTRON, mmkay? And if that happened, your arse better be a runnin... :p:p

UDawg 07-13-04 01:30 AM

Re: MUYA is a n00b

Hey no threats to the arse mmkay! that is just wrong mmmkay. LOL unless you get Mr. Hat to do you dirty work. :D

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