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bernz 08-02-02 02:24 PM

Problem with Ethernet (nvnet) driver for RH 7.3
I'm running the MSI K7N420 Pro and I installed the drivers from the site. For all intents and purporses, things seemed to run fine this way. nice graphics, solid connection to the network, decent sound. Happy, I am, says master yoda.

Anyhow, I just found out that the card doesn't take incoming connections unless it previously makes a connection to an IP. In other words, machines won't appear completed in arp tables unless you make a connection to them first. after that,things work fine.

The problem, then, is that i can't connect from another host unless THIS host connects first. Kind of defeats the purpose of using this as a server.

Any suggestions, or is the ARPimplementation on the driver screwed and I just have to wait impatiently for the new driver?


etr 08-04-02 02:19 AM

Have you checked for NAT?
The behavior you describe sound consistent with having the Linux box set up to perform NAT/masquerading, or behind a firewall of some sort. Have you looked into this?

Just to be clear, do you mean that you can communicate so long as you initiate the connection and STAY connected? Or do you mean that once you connect and disconnect to an outside host, that the host can then connect to the box (where it couldn't before)?

bagal 08-04-02 11:33 PM

same problem and same MSI
I got same MSI k7n420 pro and i have problems with my net and audio cards...i need drives to my linux because i cannot do my adsl works without configuration my net card...can smobody help me...:( :D

bernz 08-05-02 09:09 AM

NVidia sent me this message:

This is a known bug in the driver. We are working on getting a new version out right now.


bagal 08-05-02 10:18 AM

txs a lot Tom ...I hope that you succed as soon as possible...because i need it the sooner the better

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