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dr_wheel 07-16-04 02:22 AM

6800 GT - Unknown Board?
Hey all... I just got a shiny new 6800 GT OC from BFG Tech and I've got it up and running under SuSE 9.1/XF 4.3 with the 1.0-6106 driver. Everything is running great (3D included), even though I could not find a 6800-specific driver when I config'ed the card using sax2. I selected the FX 5950 driver instead and it worked. However, nvidia-settings shows my Graphics Processor as 'Unknown'.


Why doesn't sax2 show a 6800 driver? I selected the FX 5950 as my driver because there isn't a 6800 series card listed. Can anyone shed some light on this one?

666_1337 07-16-04 03:23 AM

Re: 6800 GT - Unknown Board?
I suppose the ( newer ) Detonator ignores your XF86Config-Identification-Entries, for I didn't even make myself the effort to write that entry into it, an everything works well for me.

Detonator 1.0.6106 DOES support the GeForce FX 6800 ( Ultra ) devices. That it isn't displayed is probably a SaX2 bug, or more probably SaX2 only looks up it's database given by SuSE and does not enhance it by the detonator's one.

The GeForce FX 6800 GT is not _explicitely_ supported by 1.0.6106, as it isn't written into NVIDIA-Linux-x86-1.0-6106/usr/share/doc/README. That is why the control-center shows `Unknown Board`. However the 6800 GT should run under a FX 6800 Ultra, for those cards are technicaly identical ( the GT is just lower clocked ).

mgulbran 07-23-04 10:06 AM

Re: 6800 GT - Unknown Board?

Any tips on helping me out?

zander 07-23-04 12:43 PM

Re: 6800 GT - Unknown Board?
1.0-6106 recognizes and supports the GeForce 6800 GT, you can safely ignore that it reports the cards as Unknown - future driver releases will correctly report its product name. For the initial configuration, it should be sufficient to configure it as a generic NVIDIA card (if you have an existing driver installation for an earlier card, no changes will be required).

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