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BlackEagle 10-24-02 12:54 PM

UT 2003 Sky-Detail
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Hi there!
I just installed UT2003 under Linux, but the sky-detail looks very poor compared with UT running under Windows.
All graphics settings are set to "highest"...:confused:

I made some screenshots:

This one is from Linux:

BlackEagle 10-24-02 12:55 PM

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And this one is from Windows:

Matthyahuw 10-24-02 02:58 PM

Did you put some funky config settings in your XF86Config file?
It looks like you forced S3TC-1 compression, and that method has been the bane of nV's exsistance forver it seems like...

BlackEagle 10-24-02 03:35 PM

Nope, I can't find something about S3TC-1 Compression in the XF86Config-file....

Euphoria 10-24-02 08:11 PM

Yeah, thats strange... Mine looks fine.

BlackEagle 10-27-02 04:38 AM


Yeah, thats strange... Mine looks fine.
Very helpful post, indeed....:o

volt 10-27-02 11:19 AM

Why don't we post our Xfree86 configs?
I will get mine in couple of hours ;)

BlackEagle 10-27-02 02:14 PM

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Probably good idea! :cool:
Here is it

Thunderbird 10-27-02 02:25 PM

You are using 16 bit colors change your depth to 24.

BlackEagle 10-28-02 04:50 AM

I overlooked the color-settings! :rolleyes: Now the sky-detail looks great, thx a lot.

- BlackEagle

borgzilla 11-04-02 09:56 PM

I got the same problems with RTCW. Sky textures look exact the same. However that happened when I upgraded GPU from MSI GF2 Ti to MSI GF4 Ti 4200 128MB. I've also rebuilt nvidia drivers on Slackware 8.1.

Default colour depth is 24/32 bit

Any ideas?

BlackEagle 11-06-02 02:52 PM

Check your RTCW graphics-settings.....;)
Make sure that in the xf86config the new GF4-Ti is correctly configured. Delete the old GF2 lines in xf86config.

Hope this helps.....

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