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|JuiceZ| 07-17-04 02:26 PM

New smilies!!
:nanahump: :wong: (newb) :spam2: (alf) (j/k) (bs2)

|JuiceZ| 07-17-04 02:28 PM

Re: New smilies!!
(rofl2) (soapbox) (xxx) (drunk) :inform: :sry: (bump) (ack)

|JuiceZ| 07-17-04 02:29 PM

Re: New smilies!!
:hmmm: (urock) (60s) (google) :werd: (dot) (gay) (welcome)

|JuiceZ| 07-17-04 02:29 PM

Re: New smilies!!
(whine) (wack) (ot) :tool:

Sazar 07-17-04 02:33 PM

Re: New smilies!!
ole... :D


NightFire 07-17-04 02:47 PM

Re: New smilies!!
Wow, I'm a total (newb)!

Is this :spam2:?

I'm glad I'm not the other banana :nanahump:.

I know a guy whose chinese. :wong:

He (wack) me once.

I was like: (whine)

But then he went: :tool:

So I just was like: (welcome)

And then he got all pissy, and was like: (gay)

To be continued...

NightFire 07-17-04 02:50 PM

Re: New smilies!!

Well, I was like: (bs2)
And he went: (60s)
So, I was totally: (urock)
And then, to top it off, he went: (repost)
So, of course, I called him a :wimp:
And he was like: :inform:
So, I was sad and was: :sry:

NightFire 07-17-04 02:52 PM

Re: New smilies!!
Naturally, he wasn't too happy about that, so I had to go like: (xxx)
But he was so apologetic, and said: (j/k)
So I said, "You look like a (alf)".

Whereupon he went (soapbox),

and I had to invite him to :beer:.

Well, he got (drunk), so I gave him a (bath),
and he was like (po).

The end.

NightFire 07-17-04 02:56 PM

Re: New smilies!!
Hold, on, left some out:

Well, after we had those drinks, he was wondering about the alchol content in beer, so I said: (google).

But he was too busy watching :spongebob, so I decided to :jammin:, while he was going totally (ot).

And then I had this brilliant idea to :thinker: :clever: got to college.

But that chinese dude was: (dan)

So I fell asleep.

The end.

SH64 07-17-04 02:56 PM

Re: New smilies!!
:inform: : Doom3 isnt Gold yet .. i've just talked to Tod Holland & he denied any confirmation regarding this .

NightFire 07-17-04 02:59 PM

Re: New smilies!!
Hold one, some more:

I was going: :werd:, after I saw his wierd dancing.

And he just went (dot).

So, I gave him a good: (rofl2)

And then he got (soapbox) (drunk), again.

So I had to (bump) him.
He went like: :hmmm:
So I gave him ONE more :beer3:
And then he got all gay, and went: (daz) :kiss:

Finally, the real end.

jAkUp 07-17-04 03:19 PM

Re: New smilies!!

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