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afdf 07-19-04 11:48 AM

nvidia tv out -- not a valid TV mode
Hi, first post here.

i have an nvidia fx5200, and i'm trying to run my monitor @ 1280x1024, and clone the full screen to a tv without panning at some lower resolution. I realize i may be venturing into dangerous territory, but I'm prepared...

so, in my xfree86 log, it tells me the only tv modes validated are 800x600 and 640x480. I used a modeline calculator and put in what i would need to run 1280x1024 at the frequency of a tv. i get the modelines, and it seems like the card validates them because it doesn't say "xxx is beyond the vscan" , etc... instead, it says (not a valid TV mode). all that work getting the mode to validate with the tv out, and the card still won't play ball!

so, what are my choices to get a 1280x1024 to clone full to a tv screen. im up for anything like new video cards, vga to tv adapter, etc... the MAN wants it and he doesn't like it when i tell him we can't do it


Kamel 07-20-04 03:42 PM

Re: nvidia tv out -- not a valid TV mode
you really should post this in the linux nvidia forums

also, welcome to nvnews... and it isn't your first post either :)

Kamel 07-20-04 03:45 PM

Re: nvidia tv out -- not a valid TV mode
also, unfortunately i don't think this is possible with that video card and drivers; though i don't know much more about it. not the first one to be mad about it though, so it should be added fairly soon.

if the old version of the drivers worked, try them.... until then, i think you are going to wait until they release drivers that can do that.

good luck, i hope you get it settled.

Thunderbird 07-22-04 07:45 AM

Re: nvidia tv out -- not a valid TV mode
First you really don't want a resolution of 1280x1024 on your tv as televisions aren't made for more than 640x480 (NTSC) or 800x600 (PAL). You should twinview using an "extended" desktop and use lets say 1280x1024 on the monitor and 640x480 on the tv. Then use a mediaplayer with xinerama support, so fullscreen becomes 640x480 on the tv. Another option is to use seperate X screens as described in appendix R of the driver readme.

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