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megajocke 08-02-02 03:03 PM

Lots of mode switches when starting X
I have a (old) computer with a Creative GraphicsBlaster PCI card (Riva TNT chipset) running SuSE. When loading X the monitor clicks two times, sits in 640x480 for 15 seconds with nothing on the screen, and three clicks some more times and the NVidia logo appears, and then everything works as normal... except that switching back from another VT changes graphics mode about 3 times before going in to X again... Has anyone seen this before?

cgi-bin 08-05-02 06:36 PM

Yes, It's perfectly normal as long as x is fine after that

megajocke 08-06-02 06:00 AM

Yes X works as normal afterwards, but it still is a bit irritating =)

cgi-bin 08-06-02 08:04 AM

I suppose, i cope with it :)

moltenstrait 08-08-02 02:38 PM

On (at least some) old TNT cards the delay seems to be remarkably longer, close to one minute. VERY irritating. Is there any way to make nvidia driver start faster (prevent mode switches or something)?

Similar (or at least resembling) problems are discussed at:


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