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mgulbran 07-23-04 09:51 AM

6800 GT (PNY) vs. Suse 9.1
Hi, I can't seem to use Yast to install the 6800 GT under Suse 9.1. Any assistance would be fantastic. I have not tried a manual install of the drivers because I wanted to know if it was going to work before I started messing with the system. Suse 9.1 doesn't even see that it is a Nvidia card.

zander 07-23-04 12:38 PM

Re: 6800 GT (PNY) vs. Suse 9.1
SuSE's recommended NVIDIA driver installation procedure is documented in this HOWTO.

mgulbran 07-23-04 01:33 PM

Re: 6800 GT (PNY) vs. Suse 9.1
Thank you, I'll work on it tonight.

mgulbran 07-26-04 01:44 PM

Re: 6800 GT (PNY) vs. Suse 9.1

it works, but now suse won't recognize my monitor. when i tell it that i have a viewsonic p95f the 3-d breaks upon reboot, when i install the nvidia driver it tells me the system don't know what monitor i have when i tell it what monitor i have, it breaks the 3d. etc........evil circle :P the main problem with the computer not knowing what monitor i have is it will only do like 45 refresh rate and that kills my eyes.

SuLinUX 07-28-04 07:48 AM

Re: 6800 GT (PNY) vs. Suse 9.1
Run sax2 and configure it then, or use the vesa option and pick your resolution/refesh rate.

mgulbran 07-28-04 08:25 AM

Re: 6800 GT (PNY) vs. Suse 9.1
So I can just configure the Vesa option ehh....I'll give it a shot. Sorry Linux noob, I'm trying :)

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