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jsmerritt 07-24-04 11:24 AM

Multi-Head portrait - use multiple cards ?
Whoops, my bad. I purchased two ViewSonic VP201s Flat Panels with the intent of running them side-by-side in portrait mode. I had seen the "Rotate" option in the XF86Config specs - but I have since discovered that it is only available in the "nv" driver and not the "nvidia" driver. Furthermore, I'm not able to switch to the "nv" driver because it does not support the multiple DVI heads on my video card ... And, I've also looked into RandR, but it looks like rotation support is not included in the XFree86 server ...

So it seems like my ONLY option is to purchase multiple (PCI) video cards and use the "nv" driver (with rotation) on each of them. Is it possible to run multiple video card from one XF86 Server ??? Can I run a rotated "nv" driver on each of them and then "connect" them with xinearama ? Any other possibilities ?

Thanks, Scott.

anthonymrlz 08-24-04 01:54 PM

Re: Multi-Head portrait - use multiple cards ?
This is probably too late but ...
Yes, you can setup mutiple AGP:PCI cards to work under one X session
The key is to have two Screen Sections, two Device Sections and two Monitor Sections with a ServerLayout Section as follows:

Section "Server Layout"
Identifier "MultiCard MultiMonitor Layout"
Screen 0 "Screen0"
Screen 1 "Screen1" RightOf "Screen0"

Each Device Section should have a BusID that idenifies the card on the PCI bus and Screen number that links it to the Screens in ServerLlayout
For example , if you have an AGP card and a PCI card in the PCI slot right below and you want the PCI card to be RightOf the AGP card you would have the following device sections:

Section "Device"
Identifer "Nvidia0"
Driver "nv"
BusID "PCI:1:0:0" #AGP card
Option "Rotate" "CW" #or "CCW"
Screen 0
Section "Device"
Identifier "Nvidia1"
Driver "nv"
BusID "PCI:2:0:0" #PCI card
Option "Rotate" "CW" #or "CCW"
Screen 1

I hope this helps you out. For further reading see man xorg.conf or man xfree86.conf

Good Luck

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