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nvjarett 07-29-04 12:09 AM

3dMark03 3rd sound test error
well here's my problem: after the second sound test the program continues onto a 3rd yes 3rd sound test and then crashes in the middle giving me this fmod couldn't set volume or something error. I've tried reinstalling my sound drivers directx video drivers and everything; was wondering if anyone has heard of this before and if there is a fix for it .


p4 2.8c
pc4000 ocz gold
430W Enermax
sb live! (non 5.1)

-=DVS=- 07-29-04 12:36 AM

Re: 3dMark03 3rd sound test error
Nope never heard of it , and since you discovered it , you can name it :D :tongue2:

Seriously no idea , try running dxdiag.exe and do Sound Test see if it works , maybe DirectX is messed up somehow in wondows. Is this first time you running 3dmark benchmark ? did you had problems before ? how about games ?

nvjarett 07-29-04 12:50 AM

Re: 3dMark03 3rd sound test error
first time ran fine before games good

betterdan 07-29-04 03:01 AM

Re: 3dMark03 3rd sound test error
Yea your sblive card can't run all the sound tests. My audigy 2 goes through 3 sound tests. The last one just uses more voices. I don't know why it's trying to run on your card but thats why it is crashing.

Bloody 07-30-04 03:16 AM

Re: 3dMark03 3rd sound test error
Thats probably a problem with the drivers and/or some conflict with software you've installed recently.

Nick[FM] 07-30-04 03:47 AM

Re: 3dMark03 3rd sound test error
As far as I know, the SB Live! shouldn't be able to run the test with 60 sounds. If I am not mistaken, the SB Live! has only 32(?) 3D sound streams. I need to check up on that, but AFAIK the Audigy1 was the first card from CL that has more than 60 3D audio streams. Do check that you have the latest drivers for your SB Live from soundblaster.com

I'll get back on this as soon as possible!

jsn117 07-30-04 04:31 AM

Re: 3dMark03 3rd sound test error
I had a SB live Value and the same thing happened to me - the card sucks, thats all

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