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andersgd 07-30-04 12:26 PM

Twinview with CRT + [CRT or TV]

I have Tvinview configurated on my FC2 box, and it works good both with CRT + CRT and CRT + TV-out. Is it possible to change between CRT + CRT and CRT + TV without restarting X?

Any recomended configurations?


ridcully 08-02-04 02:14 PM

Re: Twinview with CRT + [CRT or TV]

Sorry, don't know a solution for your problem, but I'm just curious:

You wrote your system runs fine with TwinView wnabled. Do you encounter freezes or garbage on the console when you switch from X to console with <Alt-F1> with TwinView enabled? If not, can you tell me which card and driver version you're using?

This would be great, thanks.


andersgd 08-04-04 11:34 AM

Re: Twinview with CRT + [CRT or TV]

I do not encounter any freezes. I can run it for days.

There is no garbage on the console. But somtimes I get garbage on my secondary monitor when I exit my OpenGL screensaver or monitor standby-mode. Switching to console with alt+f1 and back to X agin fixes that problem.

I'm running with the 6106-driver and a Asus V5960 VS (GeForce FX 5600).

Anyone else that has got an answer to my original question?


Thunderbird 08-04-04 12:11 PM

Re: Twinview with CRT + [CRT or TV]
The type of switching you want is not possible. The only other similar thing you could do is to load two Xservers but that also consumes a lot more resources.

zorinlynx 08-18-04 06:26 PM

Re: Twinview with CRT + [CRT or TV]
This sounds like it would be a useful feature to add to the driver. Where can I submit it as a suggestion?

My situation is DVI + [CRT or TV]; I'd love to be able to watch a movie on the TV OR play a game on the CRT without restarting X. (when you have about 15 apps open and ssh's to a bunch of machines, restarting is a bitch)


palmblad 09-14-04 10:16 AM

Re: Twinview with CRT + [CRT or TV]

How did you get TV-out to work with your GeForce card under FC2? I had it running under RH9 and XFree86... What does your xorg.conf look like and did you download any drivers?



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