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Pantherman 08-06-04 07:03 PM

A message to administrators
I've been posting some new information on this board as I've come across it. For example, as soon as I saw that the NV43 was going to be called the GeForce 6600, I posted it. I realize that many of us are reading the same websites, and multiple threads on the same topic may appear, but at least give people a chance to read the information before closing the multiple thread. I like to share information as I come across it, even if most users may already know about it. Remember that not some may not know this information because they aren't going several pages in to read threads that were posted days ago.

I realize the need to avoid having so many threads on the same topic, but at least give it some time before closing these threads as long as there aren't too many of them!!!

I try to read ahead to see if someone already posted the info. I was going to give, but sometimes I miss it.

Anyway, thanks for reading. I think this is a great forum!!!!

ChrisRay 08-06-04 07:51 PM

Re: A message to administrators
I'm the one who closed the thread, as I feel we dont need multiple threads on the same subject, There was a link given, It wasnt in spite, But there were already 2 threads on the NV43 already with the same topic.

I dont believe keeping one thread active rather than multiples is a bad thing, it helps keep the forums more tidy which is alrdy loaded with lots of information.

ragejg 08-06-04 08:07 PM

Re: A message to administrators
panthaman, I understand where you're coming from, but Chris does have a point re: 2 threads already started and active over the past couple days regarding that very topic. It's as simple as that. And the principle behind it is that simple as well.

You had said "at least give it some time before closing these threads as long as there aren't too many of them!!!" ... well, the definition of "too many of them" is different to a mod/staff member than it is to a member. We have to keep things clean and easy to find here. That's also a fairly simple principle.


Clay 08-06-04 08:17 PM

Re: A message to administrators
Not to mention the fact that a closed thread can still be read by anyone. It's not like it was deleted. :)

MUYA 08-06-04 08:31 PM

Re: A message to administrators
Generally the thread that is started last should be deleted or at least merged with the older one. That's however my way of doing things ;)

UDawg 08-06-04 08:33 PM

Re: A message to administrators
Ya it drives me nuts to see the same topic 2 or three times. This is one reason we have stickies for hot topics. How ever as MUYA said merging is the best option IMO yet I have close quite a few threads lately.

Clay 08-06-04 08:41 PM

Re: A message to administrators
Yeah, I merge too but just saying that a closed thread (if just left closed) is still readable.

UDawg 08-06-04 08:52 PM

Re: A message to administrators
I only merge if the topics are almost identical and you are right about reading closed threads. The problem that some complain about is you have to go and find it since it gets pushed down and we all know people rarely look for older threads.

BTW My helmet roxors over yours

Clay 08-06-04 08:57 PM

Re: A message to administrators
Yeah I know what you mean.

Watch it bub...Clay giveth and Clay can taketh away. :angel:

/my helmet is sooo much l33t3r than your helmet evar will be. :D

MikeC 08-06-04 09:08 PM

Re: A message to administrators
I'm not as neat and clean as my moderators are. I'm a slob and just go on to the next thread most of the time. I usually merge threads on the same topic and only close threads where there is alot of fighting going on. We have so many stickie threads in the NV Forum that a thread gets knocked over to the next page quickly so its easy to miss one. Thanks for the input Pantherman. :)

Son Goku 08-06-04 09:20 PM

Re: A message to administrators
Udawg and I were discussing this on vent sometime back. And basically what I mentioned is that when it comes to posting something, I generally look over the current page to see if there is a thread on it. I don't tend to look back over several pages of posts (and doing so could seem encombersome)...

He agreed and mentioned he only tended to look over the current page as well; and that if it was pushed that far back, there's a reason :D Generally, it probably would be a good idea to see if there is a similar thread that was posted recently. But if it was like 300 threads back on page 5...I s'pose many wouldn't expect one to have searched the entire forum before making each post.

It's one of those things where it can also be good netequite to look over a thread before posting in it, and if it's reasonably short people probably tend to do so. But a thread that already has a thousand posts and has been active for well over a year, eh I don't know. Reading a few pages back might be reasonable in that case. I'm not sure what others would say about that though.

ChrisRay 08-06-04 09:26 PM

Re: A message to administrators
Problem was, This exact same post was on the first page still. It's not something that could have been missed, I looked down to see if it was posted and it was still on the same page.

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