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meth 10-29-02 11:34 AM

SMP Kernel config? More info.. RH8,
"If you have an SMP machine ( 2 or more processors, you need configure your kernel, cd /usr/src/linux-2.4; make menuconfig )"

Ok, sorry, but im still a little new, i have working drivers for Redhat8, works fine, works great, doesnt do SMP support.

As the other forum said, do make menuconfig, well, what do i do in there?

More help would be great, i was wondering why i only do 50fps in rh8 with a gf4 ti4200 when i do 120fps in windows w/ dual cpus [q3 that is, not stable w/ SMP in windows]


DaMaxx 10-30-02 12:17 AM

That is wierd usually Red Hat OS's install an SMP kernel on initial install. I know all of the version 7 flavours did. What kind of processors and motherboard?

I would try 8 on my RH7.1 SMP box. but i cannot have any downtime.

Check your bootloader too usually it would say SMP in the description of the OS you are loading. or you can goto console and type in "top" without the quotes. If it says CPU0 and CPU1 you would know if it is using SMP.

as for the frame rates, did you upgrade your video drivers? I havent even tried any games in linux so i dont know what kind of frame rates you should see anyways.

Klaus-P 11-01-02 08:07 AM

"As the other forum said, do make menuconfig, well, what do i do in there?"

In there you have to answer tons of questions about your computer hardware, file managing systems, networking options, etc,...
You have to configure the entire basic system software for a new compiling and linking process.

Run this only if your machine is behaving like a wild cat reporting kernel panic, system halted, etc,...
or you do know why it is really necessary. Or you wish try experiments with other configurations.

Well, as for the frames/sec I run a gforce3ti200 and get 3800 fps with AGP 4 though i've not the very latest nvidia
drivers installed. It is very likely your hardware based 3D acceleration doesn't work at all.

If you don't have a VERY expensive multi-CPU motherboard then you don't need SMP (symmetric multi procssing)
Some distro install programs choose an SMP kernel because the internal CPU information does say so despite of the fact
it's a single CPU board.

meth 11-01-02 03:37 PM

Its dual cpus, abit bp6, from what i know and talking to people in the community for bp6, in it sday, this board was great.. still is, dual 366's can run 550 w/ watercooling and 510-530 w/ fans, ive even heard of 550 with 2 case fans, and a few other mods, not bad for something 5-6 years old is it?

but linux is running both cpus, video isnt, right now its using both cpus as i type this and run about 40 other programs, so...

DaMaxx 11-05-02 04:41 PM

I completely agree the BP6 is a fantastic board. My buddy owns one still to this day. It's quality is what made me go with an Abit VP6. which is what I am currently using with RedHat7.1, I must say that it runs flawlessly.

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