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SlackTuX 08-07-04 07:11 AM

kernel problem
hi, while trying to install the latest nvidia driver for my machine (AMD 1800+ Geforce 3 TI200) i got the message that, it couldn't load the module nvidia.ko due to some problem finding the kernel sources. I tried to give the instaler the flag --kernel-source-path /usr/src/linux-2.6.6 but nothing....
I instaled 2.6.6 myself so i'm sure that i have the sources....i've unpacked and installed them myself... The most strange thing is that i've already installed previous NVIDIA drivers with no problems...

If someone could help...
Thanks in advance

d*.*b 08-07-04 09:00 AM

Re: kernel problem
I'm not too familiar with the nVidia drivers yet but if you did a "make mrproper" in your sources tree after you installed your new kernel, that could explain it.

Just running "make" with the same .config used in your actual kernel should do the trick, ...if it's the case of course.


Albert 08-07-04 01:29 PM

Re: kernel problem
Nope, I have the same problem running Mandrake (kernel 2.6.3-15mdk). Running make does not make any difference, it keeps refusing to compile.

Kernel source can' t be the problem. I even reinstalled the source from scratch. No use.

Albert 08-07-04 04:01 PM

Re: kernel problem
"Never change a winnin' team..."

So, I reInstalled 'good-old' 5336; since 6111 refuses to compile.

(5336 always used to run like a whistle; glxgears shows 1104 fps)

6106, did compile, but it made a bizar objection about possible conflicts (which I did experience) because of some other module being loaded.

Albert 08-07-04 10:54 PM

Re: kernel problem
BTW, when I tried to compile 6106 it reported a possible conflict with an already installed module rivafb.

Antti 08-08-04 03:43 AM

Re: kernel problem
Also having the same problem. Tried with different kernels and sources, 6111 just won't compile under Mandrake 10! Previous versions worked so well.

SlackTuX 08-08-04 06:48 AM

Re: kernel problem
Hey Albert that hing with rivafb i thinks thats no problem, i get that message as well, that means ther kernel you've got in your system has support for rivafb but as long as the module isn't loaded there's no problem... I'm using SlackWare 10 and i get thet error about not loading nvidia.ko and kernel sources problem so i think nvidia should have a look at this since it's not a one problem distro. I'm going to send them guys an e-mail to ask for support, i encourage you guys to od the same :)

btw when you get your replies from the nvidia guys it would be good to post them here . Cya

Antti 08-08-04 04:11 PM

Re: kernel problem
Solution to this problem has been found by Aristiana here:


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