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icemanjer 10-29-02 03:19 PM

redhat 8 - no nvnet on nForce
Alright, I got the integrated video to work with my RedHat 8, now the next step is to get the integrated ethernet and sound to work. Using the source Tarballs, I compiled the nvnet.o and nvaudio.o modules, and went an tried to insmod them.

For the nvnet.o, it says the module is compiled with gcc version 2.0 while the kernel is compiled with gcc version 3.0. I know I have gcc 3.2, so I went to dig a bit deeper. I went in to do a 'make clean' and see if I can compile the modules manually, and it turns out the culprit (as it seems) is "nvnetlib.o" which came as part of the tarball without the source code.

Since the associated RPM are for RedHat 7.3, is it possible that "nvnetlib.o" was compiled with gcc version 2.0, and therefore when I link that into the "nvnet.o" module and try to do a "insmod", RedHat complained?

And where can I get the source for "nvnetlib.o" so I can compile that with my gcc 3.2 so I can use it on my system?


icemanjer 10-29-02 04:33 PM

well.. after a few searches on Google, turns out other people are having this issue too, that nvnetlib.o was compiled with gcc 2.x while the RH 8.0 kernel is compiled with the updated gcc 3.x.

*sigh*... maybe nVidia will release a recompiled version of the nvnet driver....

borgzilla 11-01-02 06:26 PM

You can try GCC 2.95-3 (still the best :) )

Here's how to install alternative GCC without removing default version.


icemanjer 11-02-02 12:21 AM

no need now!
installed the RPM just released, works beautifully

nacrotek 11-12-02 10:29 PM

How'd you get the integrated video to work? I havent been able to get an X session started that didnt immediately crash with the integrated video.

I am using RH 8 on the Asus A7N266-VM

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