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arunvragh 08-08-04 03:52 AM

nforce 1.0-274 and kernel
The installation returns unresolved symbols. I have tried going back to gcc but still does not solve the problem. It however installs fine on kernel - Any ideas??

Spriggan 08-10-04 04:02 AM

Re: nforce 1.0-274 and kernel
no idea... are you installing from source, or from the RPM?

the RPM requires a specific kernel where as source will work for most custom kernels.


arunvragh 08-10-04 11:27 AM

Re: nforce 1.0-274 and kernel
from source

blueworm 08-10-04 12:55 PM

Re: nforce 1.0-274 and kernel
try installing the drivers 1 at a time first the nvnet then nvaudio.

arunvragh 08-11-04 09:11 AM

Re: nforce 1.0-274 and kernel
I did make and make install as root after untarring the package. How can I install one by one?

blueworm 08-11-04 09:19 AM

Re: nforce 1.0-274 and kernel

cd nforce/nvnet
make install

then do the same for nvaudio.

arunvragh 08-12-04 08:53 AM

Re: nforce 1.0-274 and kernel
It installs OK but nvaudio doesn't load says unresolved symbols.

depmod returns the same about unresolved symbols in /lib/modules/2.4.25-7/kernel/drivers/sound/nvaudio.o. Strange !!

Is it something to do with the fact that all modules in this directory carry the extension.o.gz and only nvaudio has.o as the extension.

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