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fudd 08-08-04 02:48 PM

GF4 MX440 - X lockups...please help!
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I've tried most things now, but X freezes up.
- I've tried both xfree86 and xorg.
- Kernel 2.6.7 and 2.6.8-RC2
- A most of the tips and tricks from this forum.

Sometimes it seems like things got stable...and I can use my system for up to 2 hours without any crashes.
Now I'm sick and tired of trying to fix this, so I swapped back to an old riva TNT2 card. Same driver, same everything, works with no problems (well ut2004 is a little slow).

With the nforce4 card tuxracer is all messed up. Again this works with the old tnt2 card.

Seems like the bugs are spesific to the mx440 chipset?

Additional info:
- your video card

- your driver version

- your distribution
Debian - Sarge

- your video bios revision (look in /proc/driver/nvidia/cards/0 while X is running)
Unknown, had to put in another card because of lockups. Can swap back and take a look if this is really needed.

- your processor
AMD Athlon(tm) XP 2600+

- your motherboard model (especially if you're having lockups)

fudd 08-10-04 06:37 PM

Re: GF4 MX440 - X lockups...please help!
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Tried the new 2.6.8-RC4 kernel today. No lockups so far
However, X crashes with sig 11 or sig 4.

Any ideas....?

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