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Carim 08-08-04 03:14 PM

problem with console in SuSE 9.0
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I have SuSE 9.0 Pro. I use yaST to download and install driver. After restart system I can't use text mode. When I use Alt + Ctrl + F# console look like on screen below.

jerickson314 08-09-04 06:07 PM

Re: problem with console in SuSE 9.0
This is a common problem. On the Advanced tab of the video card settings in SaX2, set the option "ConnectedMonitor" to "CRT" and the option "IgnoreDisplayDevices" to "TV". Alternatively, you can add the lines:

Option "ConnectedMonitor" "CRT"
Option "IgnoreDisplayDevices" "TV"

to your XF86Config (both ways do the exact same thing.)

Alternatively, you can remove the option "vga={whatever}" from your boot loader configuration, although then you will have 640x480 consoles with no graphical bootsplash.

Either method will require a restart to take effect.

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