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moses 08-09-04 02:29 PM

1.0-6111 twinview segfault on XFree startup
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I've been running 1.0-5336 on SuSE 9.0 with a custom compiled kernel 2.4.27. I'm using a ChainTech GeFORCE FX5200, BIOS ver, on an Intel P4 3.00GHz (hyperthreaded). With build 5336 I have TwinView working; 1152x864 on the CRT (primary) and 720x480 on the TV.

With 6111, X crashes on startup (caught signal 11) unless I comment out Option "ConnectedMonitor" "CRT, TV". I think that's just because I don't actually have a TV hooked up on that side of the room, so without ConnectedMonitor, it doesn't detect a TV and doesn't do TwinView.

My XF86Config and logs (startx -- --logverbose 5) with builds 5336 and 6111 are attached. I can't use 6106 because of the "not a valid TV mode" problem. I can stick with 5336, but there's a long delay when it starts up (10-15 seconds) and it tends to lock up when I stop or restart the X server.


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