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Wenzula 08-09-04 05:56 PM

FutureMark Interview
Hi Guys,

it's me again. This time i am going to held an interview with FutureMark about the upcomming 3DMark, Shader Model 3.0 and other Features. If you have any questions you want to ask them, please post them here!!!

Looking forward to your questions:-)


Wenzula 08-12-04 07:23 AM

Re: FutureMark Interview
I am waiting for your questions :-)

Wenzula 08-15-04 05:05 PM

Re: FutureMark Interview
So, here is my idea:

Q: Please introduce yourself and what position you have at FutureMark Corp.?
Q: How long did you work for FutureMark (aka MadOnion)?
Q: What game are you currently playing?
Q: What’s your opinion about Far Cry and DOOM 3?

Q: The use of the 3Dmark ’03 has become a highly disputed topic of discussion in the past. What’s your stance on 3Dmark 2003? + What are you going to do to change this problem?
Q: What’s your opinion on the Pixel Shader 2.0b and Pixel Shader 3.0? Where are the differences and where do you see benefits?
Q: What do you expect from DirectX Next and the Shader-Model 4.0 or whatever Microsoft will call it?
Q: What are your thoughts about HDR (High Dynamic Range rendering) and will this feature be included in the next 3Dmark?
Q: What is your opinion of vendor exclusive features like the 3Dc compression technology? Are you going to support it? Futhermore: What compressions technologies will be supported with the next version of 3DMark?
Q: We have seen that you will be offering a special PCI Express test with the next 3Dmark? What will the test be like and what are your thoughts about the technology?

Q: How many Engineers/Developers are working at FutureMark at the moment?
Q: How big is your influence in the buisness and especially on bringing new features into the market?
Q: How do you finance yourself (FutureMark)?

Q: During the last three years graphics-companies have brought us programmable vertex and pixel shaders, high-quality anti-aliasing, floating point rendering, and high-level shading languages. So what’s the next big thning technology-wise?
Q: In addition to that: What do you see as the biggest issues to overcome in the next few years? (software- & hardwarewise)

Filibuster 08-31-04 08:57 AM

Re: FutureMark Interview
Sort of an addon to one question there already.
Will there be ways to disable/enable vendor specific features like ultrashadow/3dc to see what impact it has on the benchmark, if even implemented?

Also, OT
Q. Will Microsoft skip shader model 4 like they skipped DirectX 4? :D

Maybe that's why I saw it called 3dmark2005! lol

Wenzula 09-02-04 03:01 PM

Re: FutureMark Interview

just want to tell you that the Futuremark interview is online!!!

You can find the original, english version under following link:


Wenzula 09-04-04 01:06 PM

Re: FutureMark Interview

I got a mail from nicklas renqvist in which he told me that if you have any follow-up question, please fell free to ask him. The best way would be to post your additional questions in this thread. I will collect them and send them over by the end of the next week...

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