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cholzsc1 08-11-04 05:32 AM

slow glxgears/video FX5700
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Please read the attached doc.

Thunderbird 08-11-04 05:40 AM

Re: slow glxgears/video FX5700
Glxgears isn't a benchmark like 3dmark or things like that. It can only be used as a basic test to see if hw accelerated 3d is working. Useally when you only get a few hundred fps, it can mean that something is wrong. When you get lots of fps as in your case it is all just fine. Further you can't compare the scores with other people as the performance depends a lot on the cpu, resolution, color depth, used linux distribution and also a bit on the card. So it can happen that someone with a fast videocard gets 10000fps on box X but only 5000 on box Y. This all doesn't say anything only check real games.

how 08-11-04 08:12 AM

Re: slow glxgears/video FX5700

Originally Posted by cholzsc1
Please read the attached doc.

I got ~2500fps@1280x1024x32. athlon-xp 1.5GHz. may be about the same as yours. ut2003 botmatch-antalus is 27fps@1024x768x32 thats about 12bots I think. The linux driver seems alot slower than in XP though compared specviewperf 6.

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