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saturnotaku 08-11-04 07:43 AM

3DMark03 + XP SP2 = no love?
Not sure if anyone else has had this problem, but when I try to run 3DMark03 with the RTM Windows XP Service Pack 2, the program crashes at load with a fault in oleaut32.dll. I know this wasn't a problem in RC2. Can anyone else confirm this?

DivotMaker 08-11-04 08:11 AM

Re: 3DMark03 + XP SP2 = no love?
Just ran it with no issues here with SP2 RTM...sorry to hear that.

OWA 08-11-04 08:47 AM

Re: 3DMark03 + XP SP2 = no love?
Runs fine here as well. Maybe you should try reinstalling it (3DMark03, that is).

AMC_Duke 08-11-04 09:08 AM

Re: 3DMark03 + XP SP2 = no love?
run fine here 2

saturnotaku 08-11-04 09:30 AM

Re: 3DMark03 + XP SP2 = no love?
Thanks for the replies. I think part of the problem might have stemmed from the fact that I installed SP2 final over RC2. I'll try a clean install tonight.

It's not that big a deal to me, but it would be nice to have all my software running in harmony. ;)

Buenamos 08-15-04 11:14 AM

Re: 3DMark03 + XP SP2 = no love?
I'm having the same problem, ever since i reformatted and installed xp and sp2, my 3dmark03 and aquamark both crash.....3dmark01 is ok, and all my games are totally fine and stable. Any suggestions?

AMD 64 3400+ @2.2ghz
Asus K8n-e Deluxe
2x512mb ddr 4200/533 GEIL
160gb SATA HDD
Audigy 2 ZS/Logitech Z-640
3dmark03 - 12222
3dmark01 - 25377

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