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valdyn 08-11-04 11:35 AM

Switching between 2 Screens in a dual head setup
I'm using one gforce5000xt with twinview and 2 Screens, _no_ xinerama.
( I'm not talking about virtual desktops, its 2 independent X11 screens, just served by one X-Server )
It's working perfectly fine for me, I can play a fullscreen game on one display, and work on the other.
However the way to switch the current screen is done by moving mouse "between" the 2 Screens.

That's naturally not convenient, when the mouse is captured in a fullscreen app / game.

Is there any way to bind Screen switching to a keyboard shortcut?

Thanks in advance,

zorinlynx 08-14-04 04:44 PM

Re: Switching between 2 Screens in a dual head setup
I have this exact same setup, and have been wondering the same thing. I can keep an eye on what's happening on the non-game head, but I can't actually mouse over and do anything there.

A hot key to "release" the mouse would be great.

Has anyone done this successfully?


Trendane 08-27-04 07:25 PM

Re: Switching between 2 Screens in a dual head setup
Well....I encountered a very similar situation when I first got 'Neverwinter Nights' running under Linux. The solution I found was in the nwn.ini file to set it like so....

[Display Options]


Switching FullScreen to '0' and AllowWindowedMode to '1' took it out of full screen entirely and allowed me to switch desktops at will. The problem is....now I can't really use side-screen turning to rotate the POV in the game. But I'm learning to use the keyboard for more refined control....so it's an acceptable trade to me.

This may or may not be a workable solution for other games.

And....ummm....should I even ask what's going on here? -> :nanahump:

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