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ragejg 10-30-02 07:50 AM

Who gots GF3 Scores on hi-end XP or P4?
I've heard time and time again that the GF3 ti series (and even the regular one) is powerful enough for extremely impressive results on 2.2+ systems... Of course, those with this class of processor are generally "enthusiasts", so some would say at this juncture, "why would an enthusiast have a gf3 right now?"... Well, I'm willing to bet that theres a few folks out there with XP2200's and P4 2.4's that have kept their gf3's (waiting for nv30 maybe?)... I'm wondering what kind of 3dmark score systems like this can produce with summer/fall 2001's hottest gfx chipset. I'll bet (with 40.xx drivers) that these configurations could easily outpace my 1.33/ti4200, but I'm wondering by how much. I get a 94XX and 59.6 fps in nature presently.


thcdru2k 10-30-02 08:46 AM

madonion.com result browser..

looking at the highest geforce3 scores, 12097 with a p4 3ghz.

intercede007 10-30-02 08:59 AM

This is my second machine (or, "machine my girlfriend has claimed as her own" :rolleyes: )...


GeForce 3 Ti 200
2.2ghz Northwood B
Intel Micro-ATX motherboard, so there is no tweaking of the bios

7436 3DMarks

ragejg 10-30-02 01:31 PM

howbout nature...
Wonder what the nature score is for that 3ghz P4... From what I've seen, the 1 vertex shader in the gf3 plus the "unspoken of" cache difference seems to offer decent performance with correct drivers...

...I'm trying to form an opinion as to whether or not the first gen. DX8 cards will in fact perform well in DX8 class games of next year...

Doesn't the gf3 even spank the radeon 9000 in many tests?


thcdru2k 10-30-02 02:23 PM

it got like 72fps on the nature. my system got 70. less than half speed on the proc, but a ti4200.

Kev1 11-01-02 11:04 AM

My GF3 Ti200 does pretty good....
In my current setup. I get just under 8000 3D Marks in 3D Mark 2001SE.

I was thinking about going to the dark side and upgrading to P4 2.4 ghz cpu and mobo (Probably Sis since they have 8X agp now) so in the future I can upgrade to an NV30 Video card. Till then My GF3 will have to do. All games including UT2003 play great.

Over 12,000 3D Marks in 3D Mark 2001SE for a GF3? Its amazing what a fast cpu will do. I wonder how a TNT card would do in that system :rolleyes:

darkmiasma 11-01-02 01:06 PM

i got 9012 on 3dmark2001SE (back with the 29.42 dets)

Smokey 11-04-02 05:05 AM

My system and score are below.

thcdru2k 11-04-02 08:25 AM

the highest tnt2 ultra score is 3049 on a p4 2684mhz.

Kev1 11-04-02 10:16 AM

Must be a fairly big leap between TNT and GF3 technology, although the TNT looked great to me, particularly the Forsaken game :)

Right now I have a TNT, a Voodoo 3 2000 PCI, 2 Visiontek GF2 GTS's sitting around collecting dust. In a few months you can add a couple GF3's to that list, unless I put them in second computers (since I have a few mobo's and 1.2 ghz TBirds sitting around too).

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