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pbwest 08-13-04 10:41 PM

nForce 1.0-283 drivers available
I have just installed the nForce 1.0-283 package, and solved my lack of sound on an Soltek SL-75FRN2 board, running Fedora Core 2 with a modified 2.6.6-1.435.2.3 kernel. To anyone who has experienced the infuriating lack of sound mentioned in a number of posts, I recommend installing this driver.

Thanks, nVidia.

Catmandu 08-17-04 07:05 PM

Re: nForce 1.0-283 drivers available
I had nothing but trouble with the sound. Everything went haywire. DVDs wouldn't play, multimedia programs would lock, divx movies were way out of synch, games had their audio about 1-2 seconds behind the event.

I had to uninstall the whole package and the selectively install just networking to solve my problems.

hlfmanhlfamazng 08-22-04 09:09 PM

Re: nForce 1.0-283 drivers available
ALSA's should work fine with FC2/NF2. They work fine for me out of the box, but I've seen in a few places that they don't for whatever reason.

If you start experiencing the same problem that catmandu(is seemingly having the same of) and I are having, you *should* be able to fix your sound-less issue by upgrading to a newer sound driver-n-packages from the alsa homepage. Just follow through, it's real easy. Just dry reading.

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