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Thunderbird 08-14-04 08:21 AM

1.0-6113 for FreeBSD thread
After more than a year there's finally a new driver release for FreeBSD including support for a lot more new cards and features. Hope you guys have fun with them ;)

FreeBSDly 08-14-04 01:53 PM

Re: 1.0-6113 for FreeBSD thread
THANK-YOU!!!!!!!!!! I intend to reward your efforts and my patience with a new 6800 GT this week. I only wish there had been some sort of status updates from nvidia in the intervening 12 months. It was a cruel thing to do to leave us to speculation.

Nevertheless, I am VERY grateful for nvidia's freebsd support!

elektronisch 08-14-04 04:59 PM

Re: 1.0-6113 for FreeBSD thread
Nice job nvidia :)

samu 08-14-04 06:50 PM

Re: 1.0-6113 for FreeBSD thread
I had to add the line


to the block between #if __FreeBSD_version >= 500000 and its #endif in nv-freebsd.h because otherwise the build would hang up at nvidia_sysctl.c.

I don't know if this trick was included in somewhere in documentation or if the driver even works, because it won't use the DVI output in my card. (see my post about this at http://www.nvnews.net/vbulletin/showthread.php?t=34442 ) My own problem is a matter of configuration but I still need help with it. ;)

Emule 08-14-04 07:32 PM

Re: 1.0-6113 for FreeBSD thread
there is a typo here
it still says 2003

whistles 08-14-04 07:41 PM

Re: 1.0-6113 for FreeBSD thread
The big question is, will it work with xorg or am i gonna shoot myself in the foot?

whistle 08-14-04 08:11 PM

Re: 1.0-6113 for FreeBSD thread
It worked just fine on xorg , yippeee As stated above by FreeBSDly it would be nice to have some sort of updates as just 2weeks ago i bought a new card, I would have bought a _much_ more expensive card if i knew it was going to be supported on freebsd. Any ways good job guys and thanks for supporting freebsd!!

Emule 08-14-04 09:29 PM

Re: 1.0-6113 for FreeBSD thread
what is the best way to install? port collection updated port based on the new driver or just download this package?

muythaibxr 08-15-04 07:00 AM

Re: 1.0-6113 for FreeBSD thread
Anybody have any luck with AGP on an ASUS k8v deluxe mobo (Athlon 64, but running it 32-bit mode)?? It appears according to the README file, nvidia's internal AGP support doesn't support the via 8385 AGP controller, which is what this mobo has.

I tried recompiling the kernel module the correct way to use FreeBSD's AGP, but then when I try to start X that way, the machine hangs requiring a hard reset.

Kinda frustrating if you ask me.

powellhamner 08-15-04 11:41 AM

Re: 1.0-6113 for FreeBSD thread
Does the 6113 driver support twinview?

Maxlor 08-15-04 01:49 PM

Re: 1.0-6113 for FreeBSD thread
I'm having a bit of trouble with the new drivers. The first time I start up a game (or even an app as simple as glxgears), they work just fine (and they're fast too :) ). However, the second time they start up, the Performance is extremely low. So low it's impossible to even use the menu in Quake3, and glxgears returns numbers around 2 fps. As soon as I restart X11, it works fine again. But I'd rather not have to restart X all the time...

I'm using FreeBSD 5.2.1-p8, the 6113 nVidia drivers, and a GeForce FX 5200 dual DVI card.

Any idea what I could do to solve this? Oh yeah, the old drivers didn't show this problem, they worked fine. I'd continue using them, but I'd really like to buy a 6800 card, and the old drivers don't support those...

Zefram 08-15-04 02:02 PM

Re: 1.0-6113 for FreeBSD thread
I'm having massive problems with QT/KDE applications SIGSEGVing and SIGBUSing. I tried to upgrade QT this morning to link against the new libraries if that would make a difference... but I couldn't compile because uic SIGBUS'd. The SIGBUS backtrace are fairly simple, and all similar (addresses change):

#0 0x28851000 in glXChannelRectSyncSGIX () from /usr/X11R6/lib/libGL.so.1
#1 0x28874e20 in _nv000759gl () from /usr/X11R6/lib/libGL.so.1
#2 0x28093af4 in _rtld () from /usr/libexec/ld-elf.so.1

The SIGSEV is not in any libraries that were installed by NV.

I'm using FreeBSD-STABLE as of Jul 24 (4.10-STABLE) with Ti4600 on and AMD 2000+ and 6113 drivers.

Any ideas?


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