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joshua_ 08-14-04 10:09 PM

GLX causes X crash with TV-Out enabled
Hi all,

I'm trying to set up a system with a GeForce3 Ti200. I'm using the latest 6111 drivers. This system has a S-VIDEO output to a TV. When I start X, and TV OUT is enabled (i.e., connectedmonitor is "TV" or "CRT,TV"), immediately after loading the GLX module (i.e., right after the nvidia logo is onscreen), X crashes a signal 11. When TV OUT is disabled (i.e., connectedmonitor is "CRT"), X executes fine. OpenGL applications also work fine. The crash does not occur if I comment out the Module "GLX" line in my XF86Config-4.

I am using the XFree86 that ships with Debian Unstable as of 2004/08/14. The system is a Pentium 2, 450mhz, using some sort of Intel mainboard.

Any insight would be much appreciated.


buzzringer 08-28-04 01:23 PM

Re: GLX causes X crash with TV-Out enabled
I have the same issue, but I have a Geforce 440mx and I'm running debian sarge (xfree86 4.3.0). I'd be interested if you found a solution for this or not, also I'll post if I find a solution.

dummy1 09-11-04 06:52 AM

Re: GLX causes X crash with TV-Out enabled
Same here. I'm using fedora core 2 with xorg 6.7.0. The problem occurs on kernel 2.4.27. On kernel (same setup) it works fine.

Spec: geforce fx 5700 gv-n57128d, msi nforce 2 k7n2 (msi-6570), athlon 2.0xp+.

TomFrey 09-15-04 07:13 AM

Re: GLX causes X crash with TV-Out enabled
Hi there,

I seem to have a very similar problem.


Athlon TB 800MHz
NVidia MX-440 8xAGP
Asus A7V Mobo
Debian unstable
xfree86 4.3.0
Nvidia driver 6111

I found that X crashes with a signal 11 error during start when I load the glx module while the TV-out is connected to a TV. Without the TV-connection everything works fine, 3D-acceleration works. With that connection I have to take out the load "glx" from my XF86config-4 to get X starting.

I did check the symlinks to no avail. The card has both composite and S-VHS connectors, the problem occurs for both of those.

TomFrey 09-17-04 03:22 AM

Re: GLX causes X crash with TV-Out enabled
Hi again,

my problem is solved by the vputz solution. Everything is working great now. Thanks, great forum.

I hadn't expected that, because I am running driver 6111, so I had assumed that problem was fixed. But of course, this might actually be a debian problem. (Although I find it odd that there are two different versions of libnvidia-tls)

Anyways, I'd suggest to make the vputz posting sticky or add it to the README or FAQ of the driver.



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