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brice 08-16-04 09:25 AM

FC2 and 1.611: problem with vesafb
Hello guys

I am running FC2 + chip geforce4 420 GO + 1.611 driver and 2.6.7-1.494.2.2 kernel.

At boot time I got the following error (given also by dmesg):

vesafb: probe of vesafb0 failed with error -6

I don't know how to solve this issue

If someone can help, I will enjoy it!!

Regards, Brice

PS: don't hesitate to ask for additional informations!!

chrismortimore 08-17-04 06:04 AM

Re: FC2 and 1.611: problem with vesafb
Check your kernel config file and make sure CONFIG_FRAMEBUFFER_CONSOLE is set. Also make sure that CONFIG_FB_RIVA is not set.

brice 08-17-04 06:34 AM

Re: FC2 and 1.611: problem with vesafb

I won't recompile a kernel just because I installed some drivers!!!!!!
(rivafb is not loaded!)

No way, without this driver, I don't get this error, the driver is buggy at this point!

This has also been confirmed by other users of fc2, apparently there is a confilct with a package provided by xorg (xorg-x11-Mesa-libGL), the solution is to remove this package!

but I don't think this solve really the problem, I am wondering how I can solve this issue without removing this package....


zander 08-17-04 07:02 AM

Re: FC2 and 1.611: problem with vesafb
The vesafb probe/init happens long before the NVIDIA driver is loaded. Or are you referring to another problem?

chrismortimore 08-17-04 03:46 PM

Re: FC2 and 1.611: problem with vesafb
You make it sound like recompiling the kernel is some great hardship. You also make it sound like checking the config file is really hard as well :P If I wasn't feeling so nice I would say chuck Fedora and get a real distro. Either way, if my input is going unappreciated then do it yourself. Enjoy

chrismortimore 08-17-04 03:57 PM

Re: FC2 and 1.611: problem with vesafb
Oh yeah, I'm using 6111 under 2.6.8 with a geforce fx5200go and my vesafb works fine, BECAUSE I HAVE CONFIG_FRAMEBUFFER_CONSOLE SET. It wont work without it despite what you say.

brice 08-17-04 05:24 PM

Re: FC2 and 1.611: problem with vesafb

At first, in my config file :

CONFIG_FB_RIVA=m (not loaded as I already told it).

What can I do now? If this matter doesn't come form the driver, what can be its source ?

Secondary to chrismortimore: your input is appreciated, but maybe I cheked the basic things before replying, and maybe I never told that the things would work without framebuffer support! Anyway, I would not bless you and I don't want some fighting just because some missunderstandings (but be quiet when you reply please, I will do so). what do you call by a real distro ?


chrismortimore 08-17-04 06:46 PM

Re: FC2 and 1.611: problem with vesafb
Ok, here would be my checklist.

Check the following kernel config things are enabled

Pass something like vga=791 to the kernel at boot time (should set the console to 1024x768)

There might be something in your BIOS that could disable it. Try fiddling with stuff in that.

Try uninstalling the nvidia drivers and rebooting to see if it works. I seriously doubt it'll make a difference, but it is still possible that somewhere during the installation process something went wrong *major long shot*

I'm guessing, going by the name of your kernel that it is a stock one. Some distros publish kernels and their source modified and I find they generally suck. Try getting a blank kernel source (www.linuxhq.com) and give it a go.

Try a different kernel version, I had many problems with 2.6.7

If none of that works, then either its a hardware problem (maybe your card overheated and went a bit bananas?) or just one of those annoying things that happens.

I used to use Redhat (the one that Fedora replaced) and although it was easy to configure, I found it kept killing itself. Because of that, I have little faith in distros that are geared for newbies (Redhat, Mandrake etc). I also didnt learn anything about linux from them because I didn't have to do anything manually. So I downloaded me Debian and forced myself to do everything manually. And I've never had any problems with Debian. So in my eyes, a real distro is hard :P

brice 08-18-04 08:09 AM

Re: FC2 and 1.611: problem with vesafb

I have to apologize! I solve the mistake and the nvidia driver is not gulty for that, my boot loader was simply bad configurated.... These kinds of mistakes are always the hardest to find, but the sentence 'vesafb is loaded before the driver nvidia' was a good tipp! thanks for that!

excuse me for the disturbance caused on the forum!

Best regards, Brice

PS to Chrismortimore, previously I used to use a mdk and this one is definitively a distro which hides the behavior of linux (more graphical tools than fc2...). For me a debian isn't a bad choice but I don't like the non-compliance to the lsb...

tombardier 09-28-04 06:06 AM

Re: FC2 and 1.611: problem with vesafb
hi. i just wanted to say that you really should have posted the solution to your problem. If you are going to rely on forums to help you, then you should really give something back. i don't know if you noticed, but there isn;'t an easy solution to this to be found readily on the web, and this question has been asked on many many different forums. so please, post your solution.

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