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iwod 08-16-04 10:50 AM

RSS feed For Nvnews?
Are there any RSS feed for NVnews? Would you plan to add it if you don't have it currently?

vampireuk 08-16-04 11:41 AM

Re: RSS feed For Nvnews?

Kamel 08-16-04 12:06 PM

Re: RSS feed For Nvnews?
omg i wish i knew about this before, lmao

i took my news feed from a crappy site that doesn't work anymore for some reason o_0 i think they messed up the formatting, because i could never get that thing to work properly. tnx for that though, lol.

(incase you were curious, i get it from http://xml.newsisfree.com/feeds/11/211.xml)

iwod 08-16-04 01:17 PM

Re: RSS feed For Nvnews?
yes but they should have had a XML or RSS icon somewhere on the main page..........

It is like the inquirer had rss as well but it is not listed.......

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