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mebaran 08-16-04 12:58 PM

Nvidia RAID 0
I have set up RAID 0 in Windows using the supplied Raid drivers and the nvidia BIOS. But, i am considering tyring out linux. The only problem is that Linux does not seem to see my Raid array as a single large disk but as two seperate disks with corrupted partitons. how would i partiton my disks and would the forceware drivers be able to setup a windows like RAID for my linux setup. O ram i going to have to do a whole reinstall resorting to kernel raid and having to clear windows off totally. i would like to avoid a reformat if i can.

System specs:
AMD64 3500+
512 OCZ LL Ram
Gigabyte k8nnsxp-939 using nforce3 sata raid 0
Dual 80 GB WD SE 8 mb cache HDD's
Geforce 6800 BFG
Two optical drives

How do I get myself up and running.

I am trying out Gentoo Linux, but i have seen the same problem with Fedora 2 and Mandrakelinux (have not tried Debian yet!)

Thank you in advance,

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