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teccrc 08-03-02 07:43 AM

Help a girl out
I installed the drivers and everything, now it says something about invalid symbols or some crap, all I want to do is restore my x windows thing to how it was before I installed the Nvidia drivers I was using the driver "nv". whenever i do setup and x config, the probe has errors finding my chipset and stuff (which chipset do I choose for an Nvidia Geforce 2 Mx 400???) , so it cant load x system.

so how do I restore the settings to what they were when i installed redhat 7.3 without reinstalling???

When I edited the x config thingy i made a backup of it and then restored it and it didnt work =( so im guessing nvidia removed the drivers I had before. How do I restore them?

As you can see im a total newb to linux, and a question: why doesnt someone make a program or something that does all this crap for us?!?! all this insmod and probing makes me tired. I guess this is why people stick to windoZ?

pls help Im desprate

vforge37 08-03-02 04:53 PM

A little more info please?
Hi, I would really like to help ya, but I need a little more info... For starters, could you tell me which drivers you were trying to install? (i.e. were they the pre-packaged RH ones?).

Also, could you post part or all of your /etc/XF86Config-4 file? That would really help.

Also, have you upgraded your kernel from the standard kernel that comes with RH 7.2?

-Hope I can help,

Fred Hernandez

r0gu3 08-03-02 06:32 PM

The problem if you restored the xf86config file is that you now do NOT want ot load the GLX module

Just remove that line from your old config and you should be off and running :)

- r0gu3

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