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Kamel 08-18-04 03:22 PM

volt modding the 5950u
hello, i posted before on this, but i lost the thread... after much searching, i have concluded that i think the thread has been deleted or the search function of this board completely sucks.

either way, i am looking to increase my volts on my 5950u. does anyone here know of the best method for doing this? i've got an eVGA 5900u flashed to an eVGA 5950u, and my volts are set to 1.5v. i get 45C load, and 32C idle. the card is chilled plenty for an increase in voltage, i just think it can overclock much more with higher volts. currently, i can only get 620 at the core (using coolbits it wont pass the test over 598 core, but it runs at 620 without artifacts using powerstrip).

i also have good ram cooling with ramsinks... the card has been modified a great deal in the way of cooling.

i hear you can't go any higher than 1.5v in the bios of the 5950u, so if that's true, do you know of any websites that have info on volt modding by physical change to the card?

Cota 08-18-04 04:15 PM

Re: volt modding the 5950u
IIRC xbitlabs has a volt mod for the 5950 ultra.


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