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jAkUp 08-18-04 08:25 PM

Half-Life 2 Source Benchmark

Also included in this portion of the beta is a Valve Source technology benchmark. The benchmark will be available to all beta participants via the main menu. Results will be displayed upon completion, and beta participants will then have the option to send the results to a Valve-hosted public web page tracking the results as done in prior Valve surveys.
Lets post our results when released! :clap:

Sazar 08-18-04 08:42 PM

Re: Half-Life 2 Source Benchmark
key part of the equation... WHEN RELEASED :cool:

@ the rate things have been delayed... I'll not be holding my breath till I see the things...

our admin I believe will have a crack @ the benchie... he has a 6800ultra.. I'll probably copy his results over when he has a chance to bench...

jAkUp 08-18-04 08:45 PM

Re: Half-Life 2 Source Benchmark
Well if all goes well we should have it in another 10 minutes...

s-flow 09-01-04 09:39 AM

Re: Half-Life 2 Source Benchmark
How do I get these Benchmarks, Halflife 2 benchmark and CS Source

Are they included if I buy the CS Condition Zero pack via steam?

Skinner 09-01-04 05:40 PM

Re: Half-Life 2 Source Benchmark
XFX6800U 425/1200 driver 66.00 1280x1024 x16AF 100 fps
Spaphire X800XT cat 3.8--------------------------103 fps


controlpanel AFx16 on the X800XT gave only 88 fps
XFX6800U was faster near the rotating shaderswalls about 50%, i didn't expect this!

Rev_Night 09-01-04 07:32 PM

Re: Half-Life 2 Source Benchmark
i have half life 2 preloaded onto my comp via stream and the 9800xt-hl2 voucher. the second i can i will dl it and benchmark it.

Skinner 09-03-04 06:04 AM

Re: Half-Life 2 Source Benchmark
Wow, a lot of feedback on this thread...

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