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JDE024 08-18-04 09:47 PM

5700 LE issues...

New to the forum.. I just upgraded to my first new CPU in 4 years.. I'm sure you can imagine the excitement.. I couldn't afford one of the latest videocards, so I went w/the 256MB FX 5700 LE..

I have an issue w/a two year old game(Links 2003) This is 50% of the reason I'm on the CPU @ home to begin with.. The golfer has terrible pixilation, disappears and makes the game unplayable. This is w/no AA or AF on..

I played w/AF & AA and found only one setting that would allow me to play.. AF x8/AA x4.. Only problem is my frame rates average around 20 which also makes it difficult to play.. golf ball flying in slo mo/etc...

I d/l'ed the latest drivers 61.77 & directx 9c to see if this would clear up the problem.. Unfortunately no.

I've never experience any problems in the past w/my two older Nvidia cards, and must say this is very frustrating. Any help would be greatly appreciated..

-What can I do to solve this issue?

Zeta 08-20-04 11:12 AM

Re: 5700 LE issues...
Is Links patched with the latest patch for that game? You might have to try some older nvidia drivers, although I have no idea if that would help. Have you been to the Links web site to see if this is a know issue with certain cards/drivers? They should have some type of techinical support area.

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