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gomezs 08-19-04 12:48 PM

Need help identifying Nvidia card model number
I purchased a used NVIDIA graphics card and would like help with identifying its model number. The mfg website referred me to this forum.

The BIOS of the system it is installed in does not display the video card information on the screen at power up.

It is a AGP card with (I believe) 32 meg of video ram installed. The video processor heat sink is about 1.5 inches square and .5 inches tall.

The only distinguishing numbers on the board are:

Also, I will be installing Fedora2 on the system for the OS, so I would appreciate tips from who may have experience with this OS the the Linux drivers nvidia provides on thei website.

Thanks for the help.

Clay 08-19-04 12:58 PM

Re: Need help identifying Nvidia card model number
Can you provide a photo of the card (front/back side close ups if possible)? That would really help.

I did find this via Google based on that "180-P0009-0000-C03" number you gave: http://www.l7inc.us/part_NVIDIATNT2 This is the search link: http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&i...=Google+Search

So, that would make sense for it to be a TNT-class card.

gomezs 08-20-04 12:02 PM

Re: Need help identifying Nvidia card model number
Hello Clay, and thanks for the assistance.

Last night I decided to give the install of Fedora Linux a try and see if it could figure out the correct video card driver. Low and behold it identified the card as a TNT2, which agrees with the google search information you provided.

Since your search, the Linux drivers, and a legacy video spec sheet I got from the nvidia site all seem to agree, it looks like it is indeed a TNT2 card.

Thanks again for the assistance.


ricercar 08-20-04 02:32 PM

Re: Need help identifying Nvidia card model number
P0009 refers to NVIDIA production board 9, a TNT reference design.

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