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jsg4z 08-19-04 04:09 PM

6111 GLX error
I am using a commercial rendering package Vega Prime in Linux RH9 that was broken by upgrading a GeForce 5900 to a 6800 GT. (Of course there was a driver upgrade from 4996 to 6111. )

The program exits with a GLX error about pixel format with the new card. I can see no errors in X logs. The only difference I see with the new card is in the output of "xdpyinfo" where it states:

number of extensions: 31

With the 5900 installed it reads:

number of extensions: 32

The missing extension is NVIDIA-GLX

glxgears etc work fine and glxinfo reports direct rendering:yes.

Did something change with the GLX system that might have broken this?

Dauntless 08-21-04 08:13 PM

Re: 6111 GLX error
I'm having a similar problem. I too am missing the NVIDIA-GLX extension, but when I check the logs, there are no errors of any kind (and in fact no warnings either). I do have the GLX extensions as well as the NV-GLX extensions loaded however. I'm using Mandrake 10.0

I ran the space simulator Celestia just fine however, so I'm wondering if this is a non-issue?

jsg4z 08-23-04 02:05 PM

Re: 6111 GLX error
The nVidia readme states:
You should also check that the correct extensions are present;
'xdpyinfo' should show the "GLX", "NV-GLX" and "NVIDIA-GLX" extensions

This is the only difference I can see between my two identical systems with the exception of the 5900/6800 GeForce boards.
My rendering package works fine on the 5900 but fails on the 6800.

BonesNV 08-25-04 09:28 PM

Re: 6111 GLX error
Thank god! Finally someone else with the same problems as me. I've been working on this for 3 weeks now. I had a GF4 Ti which worked fine, but now my new 6800 ultra locks everything whenever I run anything 3d. PLEASE NVIDIA HELP US! I'M A LOYAL FOLLOWER! haha

Here is what I'm seeing:

- glxinfo returns Direct Rendering: No
- The 6111 driver installed without any errors.
- My xorg.conf is setup correcly (I have a few other machines that are running just fine), so I have load "nvidia" and no "dri".
- I can run 3d apps, but the will lock up after a minute or when I try to exit they will lock up....glxgears included.

I'm running out of ideas, I've talked to eVGA and Asus. Updated to the last mobo bios and video card bios...nothing is working. It's either a driver issue or something doesn't jive with the agp chipset and the video card.

Can anyone help?

Asus A7V880 (ran both 1004 and 1005 Beta 001 BIOS)
Athlon XP 3200+
1gig ram
eVGA GeForce 6800 Ultra
Gentoo Linux kernel (also dual boot winxp, it has all the same problems but a little more stable...maybe a driver issue???)

aritger 08-26-04 07:27 AM

Re: 6111 GLX error
Thank you for raising the point about "NVIDIA-GLX". "GLX" is the only one of the three extensions listed previously in this thread that OpenGL applications should explicitly check for. Historically, "NVIDIA-GLX" and "NV-GLX" were both private NVIDIA extensions used for special communication between the X server and direct rendering GLX clients. It was silly to have two extensions for this, and sometime between the 4xxx and 5xxx drivers "NVIDIA-GLX" was removed from the NVIDIA driver; its functionality was folded into the "NV-GLX" private extension.

The reference to "NVIDIA-GLX" in the README is an error and will be corrected for our next release.

jsg4z: it is not clear that Vega Prime is failing because it explicitly checks for "NVIDIA-GLX" or because it cannot find a visual that it needs. Your best bet is to contact Vega Prime's tech support. If they feel the driver is doing something incorrect, they can contact us.

Dauntless: you are correct that this is a non-issue.

BonesNV: I do not believe your problems have anything to do with this thread. If glxinfo returns "Direct Rendering: No", then something is wrong with your installation. I expect that either a different libglx is getting loaded in the X server, or a different libGL is getting loaded by your OpenGL applications. Please see Appendix C in the README for trouble shooting tips for this.


BonesNV 08-29-04 09:32 PM

Re: 6111 GLX error
Alright, thanks alot. And sorry for posting to the wrong thread, but it sounded like the same problems. But anyway...just to update...it was a library conflict and I got everything working now :)


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