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avatar:0:0: 08-20-04 05:25 AM

[5900xt] text modes

i have switched from gf2mx400 to 5900xt and vga=9 (132x43) does not work anymore - vga=ask shows only poor narrow modes like 80x50 :(

any way to atchieve anything better WITHOUT usung framebuffer?

thanks in advance.

skamp 08-21-04 11:51 AM

Re: [5900xt] text modes

    | 640x480  800x600  1024x768 1280x1024
256 |  769      771      773      775
32K |  784      787      790      793
64K |  785      788      791      794
16M |  786      789      792      795

I would try vga=771 and vga=773 first. I don't know where you got vga=9 from, but these values are valid with the vesa driver.

avatar:0:0: 08-22-04 09:28 AM

Re: [5900xt] text modes
these are for framebuffer, not for plain text console.
put vga=ask in lilo.conf and see what happens :)

skamp 08-23-04 07:34 AM

Re: [5900xt] text modes
I do know what happens. Did you try vga=771 or not? It should work just fine, and give you a nice console. What do you want?

avatar:0:0: 08-24-04 05:45 AM

Re: [5900xt] text modes
vga=771 gives a F R A M E B U F F E R console in 800x600 - this is an emulation of a text mode in graphics mode. i do _not_ want to use framebuffer.

i do want to put in lilo sth like vga=9 which would give me REAL text mode like 132 columns per 43 lines. _pure_ text mode.
this is much much faster with a much smaller kernel.

jsmerritt 08-24-04 08:58 AM

Re: [5900xt] text modes
>> i have switched from gf2mx400 to 5900xt.

Having dabbled in this area recently, I believe that it is actually the video card BIOS, not the graphic chipset that determines the directly available text modes. It appears that most vendors copy a standard BIOS from somewhere (NVidia reference ?), but some vendors (e.g ASUS) make more changes than others.

Not much help, eh :(

avatar:0:0: 08-24-04 09:00 AM

Re: [5900xt] text modes
you did, thank you :-)

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