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Cheimison 08-20-04 05:49 AM

R6: Raven Shield Stupidity?
Raven Shield was working until today. It says I "Ran out of virtual memory" when I launch and tells me to free up HD space. I've got 120something gigs free on this HD. I can run any of my other games, too. It seems many Unreal engine games have this issue (when I googled it)...anyone have suggestions for getting it working?

S.I.N 08-20-04 08:36 AM

Re: R6: Raven Shield Stupidity?
I was going to say you need more ram but you have a gig so its very odd. It may be that your system was on for a long time with alot of programs running, close services you dont need while gaming. It may even be that your HD is clutterd tray a defrag of the drive if there is excessive caching where the drive seems to be getting accessed.

Mr. Hunt 08-20-04 01:37 PM

Re: R6: Raven Shield Stupidity?
Might just need to set your virtual memory higher... If in XP (not sure about other things) go Start, Control Panel, System. Now go to the Advanced tab, now go to the settings for Performance, then the Advanced tab. Now at the bottom it should say "Virtual Memory"... what is it set to?

aAv7 08-20-04 04:12 PM

Re: R6: Raven Shield Stupidity?
a bit off topic, but how is that game? I got it along with tomb raider :aod when I bought my sb audigy 2 zs sound card and never bothered to play either of them.

Cheimison 08-20-04 09:09 PM

Re: R6: Raven Shield Stupidity?
Raven Shield is a good game. It's basically like every R6 game, but with much better graphics and AI.

Paging size is 1.535gigabytes. I restarted twice trying to get it to work, and I never run anything aside from Norton System Works when I'm playing games, so it's not file clutter (not to mention than my gig of ram and proccessor should be able to handle it if I did), and I should also mention that Doom 3 starts/runs fine, despite being a Hell of a lot larger than Raven Shield.

Phyre 08-21-04 07:50 AM

Re: R6: Raven Shield Stupidity?
This will not be a solution to the problem, but this is a nice utility to have. Go to http://www.analogx.com and get the maxmem utility. It's good for clearing out memory for issues such as this.



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