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titan 08-20-04 12:37 PM

Best settings to run Doom 3 ?!
What are the best settings/tweaks? for a GeForce 6800, 128mb to run doom3 with.
also how does ultra shadow 2 work in doom 3? how do you enable it.

3200+ XP
1024mb DDR GeIl dual channel
Point of view 6800, 128mb

Timothyb 08-20-04 06:48 PM

Re: Best settings to run Doom 3 ?!
Well, overall I found that most tweaks really did jack in the end.

You can try:

image_usecache 1
image_cachemegs 256
image_cachemink 20480
(set all three at once and set first one to 0 for off)

Those might not improve high end framerate, but hopefully make loading smoother for better gaming experience.

Turn off Vsync. You'd think it wouldn't matter much but I found it behaving odd. It will cause several spots to drop to 30fps when normally above 40fps+.

These two following settings might need to be set each time you run since restarting the game they return to off.

r_usedepthboundstest 1 (turns on Ultrashadow II, might not really help)
com_videoram 128 (set to how much video ram you have, it defaults to 64)

After setting those settings, type "vid_restart" to restart the video in game since restarting the game makes the settings go back to off like I mentioned.

There are other settings, but pretty much worthless.

So with all that, set the game to 1280*1024 High Detail NoAA

Also, High detail automatically turns on 8xAF, and I heard that setting in the drivers to app pref, it runs faster than forcing 8xAF in the drivers. Or was it the opposite.

To run Timedemo, in console, type "timedemo demo1". The first run will have a lot of pauses since it's caching live, but possible some of those settings might have helped the first run since the 2nd run is already loaded. So on the 2nd run, you might be 5-10fps faster.

What brand 6800 128mb do you have? I have a Leadtek. I originally had it overclocked to 400/850, but I'd get odd pauses and freezes in Doom3. So I backed it off to 375/800.

My system is a 2500+ clocked to about a 3100+. So our systems are close.

Remember, 1280*1024 High Detail, noAA and the game turns on 8xAF when setting high.

On the first timedemo run, my best scores ranged from 45-49 now and then. On the 2nd timedemo run, it's usually 54-55fps no matter what the first run came to.

That's with the official latest drivers. Those latest leaked 65.XX something drivers might add 2-3fps,

Also, while playing the game, save spots where you feel the fps is low or jerky for later testing your settings, as the timedemo might no always reflect some benefits. I forgot the command for fps, com_showframes 1, or r_showframes, or com_showfps, or g_ditto, and so on.

Let me know you results.

ALso, with my 6800 128mb at 400/850 clocked, I get 9750 in 3Dmark03

Timothyb 08-20-04 06:51 PM

Re: Best settings to run Doom 3 ?!
Is it me, or is there no edit button on posts?

Heavyd 08-21-04 09:43 AM

Re: Best settings to run Doom 3 ?!

Originally Posted by Timothyb
Is it me, or is there no edit button on posts?

yah i know, that really bothers me since i usually submit, then read it, then edit it.

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