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agri 08-20-04 02:22 PM

X freeze at startup with nvidia 6111
i have GeForce2 mx 400

nvidia works on motherboard Abit VA6 (VIA, AGP2x),
but sometimes x freeze... (as i see - very popular problem)

more strange - it doesn't work on ASUS P4S800D (sis665fx, AGP8x)
it just freezes on video mode switching.
kernel 2.6.5. videomode 1280x1024 16 bpp.
i made some performance tuning via bios setup - doesn't help.

nv driver works on both systems.
i can't show logs... because i cant do sync on disk...
there is a garbage in the log file on boot up.

agri 08-23-04 08:19 AM

Re: X freeze at startup with nvidia 6111
x server freezes while trying to work with agp.
switching off agp support with
Option NvAGP 0
in x config results in normal starting of the x server.
using nvidia agp support, or module from kernel (agpgart)
cause the x server to hang.

could anyone tell me how to make futher debbugging?

of cause, it may be hardware incompatibility... it would be sad...

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