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edward65 08-03-02 11:26 AM

adapter frequencies
Hi there,

When I use windows I can change the frequency of the nvidia card in the display settings box e.g: standard value, optimal value, 100 Hz, 60 Hz, etc. etc.

How do I change the frequency of the card in (suse) Linux ?

Thanks for your effort

Thunderbird 08-04-02 03:31 AM

Normally X chooses optimal settings for your monitor but if you want to change what X chooses you need to look into "modeline" programming. Not sure if Suse contains a tool to play with that.

Else try http://www.sh.nu/gft.c (hope the link works now)

megajocke 08-04-02 09:07 AM

It is also possible to replace the VSync range of the monitor with a single value i think

Thunderbird 08-04-02 11:20 AM

Never change the Vsync/hsync range of the monitor setting. Changing it can damage the monitor seriously. He really needs to play with modelines.

megajocke 08-05-02 11:12 AM

As long as it is within the monitors specifications it won't damage it. Saying 75 when the range is 50-120 for example won't damage it.

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