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DonP 08-21-04 07:38 PM

Setting FX5200 power-on defaults in Linux
I have a quick question..
Is it possible to change the power-on defaults for my AOpen Aeolus FX5200-DV128 in Linux (or BIOS)? Specifically I'm interested in setting the TV-Mode to PAL-I. It currently defaults to NTSC during boot and linux console - I have it switching to PAL when X starts, but it would be nice to see my BIOS booting on my TV.
I understand it is possible to make it the boot default in the windows driver.. any such luck in Linux? (I don't have windows installed)

There is no 'echo "PAL" > /proc/drivers/nvidia/something_or_other' option is there? or maybe a kernel module option?


DonP 08-26-04 05:50 PM

Re: Setting FX5200 power-on defaults in Linux

Anyone? (mag)
I guess it's not the fault of the nvidia drivers but rather a setting on the card's EEPROM - so it's probably an issue which is card dependant. I'll drop a message on the AOpen forums, but judging from the messages there I probably won;t have much luck.

Still, if anyone has any insight then please respond.

Calroth 11-02-04 06:50 PM

Re: Setting FX5200 power-on defaults in Linux
Hellooo. Bump again.

I'm interested to know if anyone has any ideas for a solution. I've seen hints that reflashing the ROM on the card might help.

Botsinge 08-10-06 03:01 PM

Re: Setting FX5200 power-on defaults in Linux
Sorry for resurrecting a very old thread, but I'm also interested to know. Been searching but don't seem to find anything.

Is there maybe some simple little program to configure the bios?

Thunderbird 08-10-06 03:19 PM

Re: Setting FX5200 power-on defaults in Linux
The default PAL/NTSC setting is stored in the video bios. It is set to NTSC or PAL depending on the region where you buy the card. In theory you can patch the bios and fix it that way if you really want but I doubt the current bios modding tools can do it. Further bios modding and flashing the bios is dangerous.

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