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zerods 08-23-04 12:46 AM

overlay feature missing.
In windows there is an option to have the overlay put fullscreen on the second monitor. I was wondering if anyone has been able to do this with the X driver, and if not, is it ever going to be added?
(I watch alot of videos on my computer and have a really long svideo/audio cable running to my TV from my computer, and would like to stay in linux to watch them).

Ignacio 08-23-04 03:22 AM

Re: overlay feature missing.
I agree, I used to use this function in windows, i would like to see it on linux.

Thunderbird 08-23-04 04:38 AM

Re: overlay feature missing.
When you use the seperate X screen approach, the first X screen has overlay support. Further note that using the 1.0-6xxx drivers Nvidia has added an extra Xv backend that utilizes the 3d part of the GPU. That backend works fine in Twinview too, not sure for what cards it is (atleast for GeforceFX and higher).

zerods 08-23-04 05:24 PM

Re: overlay feature missing.
The tv is in another room. I would have done the seperate X server thing otherwise. I don't care if the tv shows the normal X windows i just want it to have the fullscreen overlay on it. It can be pitch black at all other times. I am thinking that since a more complex functionality is in the windows driver, this simpler one should be easy? to do with the X driver.

So not really a cloned screen, just a fullscreen overlay on the tv.

Thunderbird 08-24-04 03:54 AM

Re: overlay feature missing.
Note that in twinview hardware overlay is not possible as there's only one overlay and that's complicated. Nowadays there's some extra overlay backend next to plain blitting so there's some Xv but perhaps just software.

To get fullscreen on the tv you need to use a mediaplayer that supports Xinerama. Both mplayer and xine support this but there is some option you need to activate. Using xinerama the player "knows" what the visible resolution on lets say the TV is.

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