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tobywong 08-23-04 09:20 AM

6111 nvidia-settings adjustments won't stick
This is frustrating. I'm using 6111 drivers on a knoppmyth installation. I use nvidia-settings to adjust the various settings to get the picture just how I like it, then if I <ctrl><alt><F1> to switch to a terminal, do a few things, then switch back, X has reverted to the nasty looking colours/levels that I started out with.

Now if I look in nvidia-settings at this point, it still has all of the correct numeric values but they are not actually working; I see nice adjusted values and nasty unadjusted picture. In order to get them working I have to adjust any one setting by any amount (bumping hue up by 1 then down by 1 works) then it suddenly applies ALL of my adjustments again (so it's back to looking good).

I notice this also happens when I run xmame... as soon as it fires up, all my nice adjustments are out the window.

Any ideas?

Thunderbird 08-23-04 09:47 AM

Re: 6111 nvidia-settings adjustments won't stick
I'm not sure if the problem is a Nvidia bug as I will explain now. The nvidia-settings tool can roughly set two types of options.

First it can adjust NV-CONTROL options which are things like Vsync, FSAA, Aniso filtering and settings like that. Further the other options it can set are generic X things like Xv, gamma, brightness and more for which "normal" X extensions are used. With which of the options did you have problems?

Further games and other apps like to adjust gamma themself, so that might undo your gamma too.

tobywong 08-23-04 11:50 AM

Re: 6111 nvidia-settings adjustments won't stick
the ones that are getting reset are gamma, saturation, brightness, hue.

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