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Kevin 08-03-02 01:00 PM

NVIDIA Drivers
I recently installed the NVIDIA drivers for MDK8.2 on my system, from the tarball files. After installing and getting good results, besides a minor problem with rc.modules, which another fellow here helped solve, I now have a NEW problem with those same drivers.

I had turned on the OpenGL 3D screensaver 'Pipes', which ran fine. For a few days, that is. I note now that I cannot get OpenGL apps to run on my machine. I have looked in various log files, and have not run across any errors related to the GLX, or I may not have looked in the proper places. It almost seems like the drivers have just stopped working for some reason. The usual Nvidia logo pops up when I boot into Linux, but the drivers fail to operate after I get into my desktop. I cannot select ANY of the GL based screen savers, but I can STILL run all the silly little MESA demos that can be installed in the KDE desktop environment. Most other things seem to work, but the screen savers not working is odd. Any thoughts?

hteles 08-03-02 01:20 PM

Mdk 8.2
Hi Again.
Im the fellow who help you before :)

Maybe you have some conflicts with mesa or something :confused:

Do this and it maybe help you if it is the case.

reinstall again the NVIDIA_GLX module only
(Make install)

you can see with glxinfo if Nvidia GLX extensions are present.


Kevin 08-03-02 01:55 PM

Driver probs.
Hello Again:

Just for curiousity sake, I would hazard a guess that your name is either Hector, or Herman, unless I am sorely mistaken about male names that start with H in Portugal. Thanks for the tip! I re-installed the GLX portion of the driver files, and after re-starting Xserver, the silly screen savers have re-apppeared on my screen. What pray tell would cause conflicts with the files I had installed? I thought that the other files in the path had been renamed by the installation routine, to stop such actions? Or is this another 'feature' of the install that you know of?

I checked with glxinfo after installation and the Nvidia files are all named in the output from the utility. Is this so common that you should keep your driver files around so that you can reinstall the GLX portion on demand? I had not thought Linux would cause itself such problems! Thanks again for the information!

hteles 08-03-02 02:11 PM

Mesa Stuff
Hi Again.

There are some games (Not only games) that depend on the Mesa Library and maybe upmi have installed mesa to resolve some dependences. I think that is not Linux faults but Nvidia's, because of the way they distribute the libs. I am no Guru too, so correct me if i'm wrong. Im using MDK since 8.0. I was a BeOS user before. Long live to Linux.

BTW: My Name is Helmer (Hammett is my QW & Urban terror nick. It comes from Kirk Hammett - I was a guitar player too, till i was 24 years old

vforge37 08-03-02 04:59 PM

Just one more thing...
I would like to add that you should be very careful before installing any of the mesa-libs rpms simply because it messes with nvidia...

If you really have to install a mesa library to avoid dependency issues with some games, then just always remember to re-install the nvidia-glx.

-Good Luck

Fred Hernandez

Kevin 08-03-02 07:36 PM

Nvidia Driver prob.
Hi again everyone:

Hello to you Helmer. I imagine that you are correct about the fact that Nvidia probably hasn't quite gotten all the features out of the install process, but it is very good of them to supply driver files written by the people who know the chipset best. As to your name, I almost immediately thought of Dashiell Hammett, when you mentioned Hammett as your nickname. I guess it just shows the difference between a guitar player and a voracious reader of just about any genre. :) Having never used BEOS, except for a very short dabble, I cannot say much except I echo the sentiment of "Long life to Linux" :D

Also, Fred, thanks for the information on having to re-install the GLX files if I need to install Mesa for any compatibility issues or such. I must admit, the learning curve on this OS is fairly steep at first, but I am hoping it will level off soon and I must admit I much prefer having to tinker with things a lot more than just letting the OS do almost everything for me! Installing the drivers may not seem like much, but it was a bit more fun than just clicking on a file name and letting the program do it all for you. :confused: I seem to recall that while I was browsing the file descriptors during an install of MDK, I read that MESA libs were used to display OpenGL stuff in part, so I picked them ot install as well of a host of other options I may never use. I guess that's one of the good things about having a largish hard drive. ;)

I'll make sure to keep a copy of the files in an archive somewhere, and make sure that I get them updated as new iterations come out. Thanks again for all the help.

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