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discord 08-25-04 07:57 AM

KDE looks up after startx

Just wanted to report that kde freezes as soon as it starts. I've tried two different drivers 6111 and 5336 for my GF2MX card. I am running slackware 10 and have an asus a7v133 motherboard based on the KT133A chipset I believe. Oh the mouse pointer still moves, almost forgot to mention that. Looking at the logs it doesn't look like it ever reaches the xorg log file.



hhelmich 08-26-04 08:05 AM

Re: KDE looks up after startx
I have the same issue. I have tried drivers 6111, 6106, and 5336. all with the same results. My experience differs though that I can get into KDE but X locks up at varying points in time. No entries in ~/.xsession-errors, Xorg.0.log, or any other system logs. Are there debugging parameters that can be done to help diagnose this error.

Very frustrating.

hollovoid7 08-28-04 03:07 PM

Re: KDE looks up after startx
I am having the same issue (system freezes but you can still move mouse) and its only with the 2.6+ kernels, I foolishly removed my other kernels after I upgraded, it would be nice to know whats going on with this :)

buckyballnut 08-29-04 08:03 PM

Re: KDE looks up after startx
If it is an athlon-thunder birdchip, thn you have a faulty system with AGP compatibility problems

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