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zuralin 08-25-04 11:42 AM

Gainward 5900XT Underclocked?!
I recently bought the Gainward 5900XT "FX PowerPack! Ultra/1100XT Golden Sample" and was upset with its poor performance, my ti4200 seems to get as good of frames. So I checked what everything was clocked to and was shocked nvclock reported speeds of:
# nvclock -s -f
NVClock v0.7

Info: Overclocking of GeforceFX hardware is not supported at the moment
Card: Unknown Nvidia card
Card number: 1
Memory speed: 702.000 MHz
Core speed: 300.857 MHz

According to Gainward, my clock speeds should be 450/780, which would explain my poor performance.. Any suggestions?

Thunderbird 08-25-04 02:07 PM

Re: Gainward 5900XT Underclocked?!
Most GeforceFX 5600 and higher cards are a bit special. When you are running in "2d" the card runs at a lower speed than in "3d". Rerun nvclock when glxgears is on and you'll see that the speeds will be higher.

zuralin 08-26-04 01:50 PM

Re: Gainward 5900XT Underclocked?!
I tried what you suggested, however, it turns out that isnt the case, nvclock returned the same results. I compiled the latest CVS of nvclock which provides partial support for overclocking FX cards, and was able to get my memory to full speed, and my core to 390. This gave me an extra 1000fps in glxgears! I would really like to able to use this card at FULL speed.

avatar:0:0: 08-26-04 06:12 PM

Re: Gainward 5900XT Underclocked?!
300/700 are proper clocks for ... 2D mode.
when entering 3D mode (like quake3) the card switches to higher clocks.

zuralin 09-03-04 05:20 PM

Re: Gainward 5900XT Underclocked?!
Why is nvclock still reporting those speeds while running ut2k4? Is there any other way to check how fast the core/memory are clocked?

devast 09-04-04 07:40 AM

Re: Gainward 5900XT Underclocked?!
FX5900XT : 2dmode 300/700 , 3dmode 400/700
The gainward is the same! BUT you can safely overclock it (at least) to the numbers you see on the box. Your card is not overclocked by default, it's only tested in that speed, and it's verified at that speed.
I can't overclock my 5900XT's core... this 2d/3d stuff is not really working in the CVS nvclock... altought mem overclocking works just fine.
Sry for my bad engish :)

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