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cparker 08-26-04 02:59 PM

SDL Parachute error
(message x-posted to http://www.linuxquestions.org/questi...hreadid=222701)

Okay, I'm sure you've all seen this kind of message before, but I've searched and searched...

I'm building a system for someone. They have an MSI KT4AV-L, an Asylum GeForce MX 4000, Athlon XP 2600+, 512 MB RAM, Fedora Core 2 (retrieved from http://download.fedora.redhat.com/pu...re/2/i386/iso/). I downloaded and installed the latest nVidia driver for the GeForce as per the instructions found at http://www.fedorafaq.org/custom_nvidia.html. I DID remove the x.org Mesa libGL library:

rpm -e --nodeps xorg-x11-Mesa-libGL
Some games work flawlessly. However, if I try to run Tux Racer, for example, I get this: Fatal signal: Segmentation Fault (SDL Parachute Deployed)

Note: This never happened until I installed the latest and "greatest" nVidia driver.

Also, after I installed the new nvidia driver, I lost sound. I had sound beforehand, but now there's no sound. Why would a graphics card driver affect the soundcard (built in with the Hyperion 4 in 1 onboard audio)?

Am I needing to update something else?

DeLorean 08-26-04 03:54 PM

Re: SDL Parachute error
If you are going to use "rpm -e ..." on the Mesa libGL, do it BEFORE installing the Nvidia driver. The instructions on that site are a recipe for failure, the readme file Nvidia provides covers everything you will need to do or watch for. Rerunning the Nvidia installer should solve the SDL issue for you.

As to the sound problem, is the module for your soundcard still being loaded?

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